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Opportunities with Hannays

If you are interested in working with us or gaining work experience please contact us with your details by email: info@hannayslaw.co.uk

Opportunities and how to apply are listed below.

Current vacancies

May 2024 – we have no current vacancies.

Qualified Lawyers

Although, we normally advertise, we are always interested to hear directly from highly skilled and motivated lawyers who wish to work with us.

Support staff

May 2024 : We are currently fully staffed.

Work experience opportunities

We do not provide work experience for students in full-time 16-18 education at school or college or for younger pupils.

We provide work experience for students studying law at university, only if we have sufficient supervision available as this makes the work experience meaningful and supported.

If you are currently studying law at degree level and you are interested in applying for work experience during 2025 please send your enquiry to : info@hannayslaw.co.uk

Recruitment Agencies – we do not recruit through agencies.