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Meet Craig Thompson LL.B LL.M Solicitor our specialist solicitor for Notary Public

Notaries are an independent (and one of the oldest) branches of the legal profession, with origins in Roman times.

Notaries exist throughout the world, but they have different functions and qualifications in different countries. In ‘civil law’ countries (e.g., most of Europe), they are central to property transactions, wills, company formations and other matters. In the USA, most of the 4.5 million notaries are not lawyers, and merely act as witnesses to official documents.

In common law countries such as those comprising the United Kingdom, the main role of a  Notary is to deal with international matters, but even between the counties of the United Kingdom there are differences, for instance, in Scotland, most solicitors are also Notaries whereas in England and Wales they are not.

In England and Wales Notaries are primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of documents and signatures and the authority and capacity to use them abroad. Usually a document will be prepared by a foreign lawyer who will then ask a client to attend a Notary in England or Wales to have it “Notarised”.

An act carried out by a Notary gives a certain level of authority and confirmation meaning that it is accepted across the world.

Notaries in England and Wales are appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and are regulated by the Court of Faculties. Most Notaries are also solicitors, but our work as notaries is separate and is not controlled by the rules affecting solicitors.

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As well as being an experienced Solicitor, Craig Thompson is also a Notary Public.

Although Mr Thompson is a solicitor who works with Hannays Solicitors and Advocates Limited, and he is based in our office, his work as a Notary is independent of his work as a solicitor and as a Notary he works separately to our firm.

If you would like to contact Mr Thompson  to arrange an appointment please call : 0191 4555361.

If you would like more information about his role as a Notary and how he can assist please consult his website : CGT Notary Public – Craig G Thompson – Notary Public


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