Mediation Week 2022

21st January 2022

The Family Mediation Week has been organised by the Family Mediation Council who are group of professionals who aim to promote best practice in family mediation.

What is mediation?

Mediation allows couples to arrive at their own decisions, following the breakdown of their relationship in relation to financial matters and also in relation to arrangements for their children, whilst being assisted by an unbiased third party, who is a qualified mediator. This is because it is widely recognised that issues can often be best dealt with by simply talking.

It is now compulsory that mediation is attempted prior to any Court application being made in family proceedings unless an exemption applies.

If mediation is successful and parties are able to come to an agreement, this can be drawn up in a formal document which can be later made legally binding by the Court. There are many other benefits to mediation and the Courts applaud parents who are able to come to an agreement themselves as it is viewed as positive for your on going relationship. Mediation is also something that can be considered within Court proceedings if it is felt an appropriate method for you. There are also many other benefits including avoiding the emotional and financial strain of Court proceedings.

There is more information available at Resolution:

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