CTS Cyber attack affects conveyancing

28th November 2023

We have not been personally affected by the CTS cyber attack that happened last week, but it  has been reported that around 80 law firms have seen disruption to their IT systems.

We understand that some of the firms on the other side of some of our conveyancing transactions have lost their ability to log in to their electronic client records and this has disrupted at least one of our completions in the last few days.

At first the cause of the disruption was not clear but now that we know the probable cause of the issues at CTS and the effect this has had on some law firms, we will notify our clients if we identify any likely issues for completion of their property transaction(s).

Some lenders are also being proactive through the conveyancing panels to check if law firms have been affected by the issues at CTS.

If you would like to read more the BBC are covering this story https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-67543838

If you have any concerns about your completion or would like to request an update on progress please call us on 0191 4974630 Option 2.