We provide family and children civil legal aid

Hannays Solicitors hold a civil legal aid contract for:

  • Public law family, child care/protection cases
  • Domestic violence/abuse and related cases

In January 2023 it was announced that the Ministry of Justice will commission  an external economic analysis of the civil legal aid market to better understand how people access funding and support.

The Ministry of Justice hope to publish the findings of their report in 2024 and the government will then consider options for a more efficient, more sustainable system for legal providers and the people who rely on legal aid.

A Law Society survey revealed that at the beginning of 2012 there were 3,452 providing legal aid work in England. In 2013 the Government reduced the areas of law that could be funded by legal aid, so by 2022 the amount of firms providing legal aid work dropped to 1,860.

The fees the Government pays to family legal aid lawyers were last increased in 1996 and the Government imposed a 10% fee cut in 2011. Firms also have to meet stringent criteria  to ensure a quality service is being provided.

Our staff are ready to help you if you have any issues concerning child care or protection cases or if you are a victim of domestic abuse and need legal advice. Contact us if you need assistance as you may be entitled to help under the legal aid scheme.  

If your case cannot be funded with legal aid we can also advise the best way to pay for your legal assistance.

Our contact numbers are  : 0191 4555361 or 0191 4974630

Alternatively, you can contact us by emailing: info@hannayslaw.co.uk