New Family Court Fees from September 30th 2021

3rd November 2021

H.M.Courts and Tribunals Service have raised the prices paid for some Court Fees from the end of September 2021.

The most commonly used fees for marriage and civil partnership proceedings are now:

  • Filing an application for a divorce, nullity or civil partnership dissolution: £593
  • Filing an application for a judicial separation: £ 365
  • Filing a declaration as to marital status, parentage , legitimacy or adoptions effected overseas : £365

For Family Financial Orders the most commonly used Court fees are now:

  • Application for a financial order, other than by consent ; £275
  • Application by consent for a financial order: £53

Applications where there are no fees payable concern family homes and domestic violence applications, but there may be some fees charged to the respondent following the first free attempt to challenge a non-molestation order.

No fees are payable by an applicant to issue Forced Marriage or Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Protection Orders, or to apply to amend, vary or extend the order.

For a full list of fees charged in the civil and family courts please see the EX50AHMCTS on

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