Do you need Debt and Housing advice?

Prior to 2012, Hannays Solicitors used to provide Debt and Housing advice and we still receive calls to check if we provide this type of advice.

If you have any issues concerning Debt and Housing matters the best place to seek free advice is at your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

There is also the Civil Legal Advice Helpline which is not very well publicised but may offer assistance.

The gateway is run by the Civil Legal Advice helpline in England and Wales and is funded by Legal Aid and therefore users need to qualify for Legal Aid funding before seeking advice.

The number for the service is 0345 345 4 345 and there is more information available here

It is available every weekday from 9am to 8pm and on Saturday mornings, it provides advice in debt, discrimination, special educational needs, housing and family issues for people who qualify for civil legal aid.

There is more information on how to check if you qualify for legal aid and for the contact number for the helpline here:

If you require assistance on Debt and Housing matters and don’t qualify for Legal Aid our advice is to contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau: