Sending funds to us safely.

If you need to send funds to us please note that we never provide our bank details by email.

We do not change our bank details during the course of a transaction and you should not trust any email that requests you to send funds to a bank account with different details to the details we specifically give you in writing.

Don’t transfer funds to us without first speaking to the lawyer handling your matter or to our accounts department.

If you wish to make sure that you are using the correct account details when sending us a payment for the first time, you should first check with your lawyer that you can send us funds and then do a test payment of £1 and we will confirm receipt.

If you are sending funds electronically by Faster Payments or CHAPS  most major banks will confirm within their app that you are sending funds to our account and confirm the details before you send the funds. We are also a member of the Safe Buyer Scheme our number is 38491.

For more information please go to the Safe Buyer Scheme website : which allows you to check if our bank account details are correct.

It is your responsibility to maintain your computers, phones and portable devices and ensure that they are safe to use. Please contact your bank who will advise on the safety measures you should have in place for online banking.

We cannot accept liability for any losses in respect of funds which our clients have sent to a wrong account so when sending us funds you must be sure that you are sending the funds to us.

Please remember that we do not accept notification of clients bank account details by email. Email can be easily intercepted and it is never safe to send anyone your personal bank details by email.