Introducing Thirdfort – online identity check

11th March 2021

For certain legalĀ  matters which involve financial transactions and property, we are under a regulatory and legal duty to check our clients identification before acting to prevent money laundering.

Many of our clients live in South Tyneside and can travel to our office to have their identity check completed, but sometimes travelling to our office is not possible. This causes difficulties in carrying out the necessary checks, but does not excuse us from carrying out these mandatory checks and we cannot start a case, for example a house purchase without these money laundering checks being carried out.

When a client can’t meet with us in person, or has difficulties in doing so, we request Thirdfort to conduct the checks for us.

Thirdfort will check identification and for some matters check the source of funds being used in the transaction.

Thirdfort is an online identity check service and an App is used to conduct the check and to upload the necessary information.

Client tell us that it is very easy to use.

There is a cost to our clients for using this service. When we respond to a client who has requested a quote we will inform them of the up to date prices for Thirdfort.

Information about the check, how it is made and about the safety of your data is explained here: Thirdfort Guide


If you need any further information about why we have to conduct identification checks please call your solicitor or lawyer for more information. We also provide more information in our initial Client Care Letter.

For conveyancing clients more information can be found here

We can be contacted by phone : 0191 4555361