Introducing Thirdfort – online identity check

11th March 2021

Thirdfort is an online identity check service.

For certain legal  matters we are under a regulatory duty to check our clients identification before acting. These matters usually involve financial transactions.

The checks are necessary to ensure we know our clients and to help to control money laundering which keeps everyone’s money safe.

Many of our clients live in South Tyneside and can travel to our office to have their identity check completed, but sometimes travelling to our office is not possible and this causes difficulties in carrying out the necessary checks.

For matters where we need to carry out an identification check, (perhaps when a client lives outside South Tyneside and is unable to visit us in person) we carry out the identification check by using an online facility called Thirdfort.

The cost to our clients for this check is £11.94 and information about the check, how it is made and about the safety of your data is explained here: Thirdfort Guide

If you need any further information about why we have to conduct identification checks please call your solicitor or lawyer for more information. We also provide more information in our initial Client Care Letter.

For conveyancing clients more information can be found here

We can be contacted by phone : 0191 4555361