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How we are working during Covid-19

How we are working during Covid-19

COVID -19 – Staying Covid-19 secure – updated 16th December 2021

We comply with guidance issued by the Government on managing the risk of COVID-19 and maintained our services to ensure our clients are supported.

This page was last updated on 6th July 2022.

We aim to work safely and follow government guidance and support our staff to in working safely.

Visiting our Office

As the new Omicron variant has continued to produce new cases we are continuing Covid-19 restrictions to protect our staff and clients.

Please call us before you attend our office to check if we will be able to see you.

If we can’t deal with your query immediately by phone, we will assess whether you need a phone appointment or a face-to-face appointment with one of our solicitors or lawyers.

Please do not try to attend our offices if you have Covid-19 symptoms or if you have carried out a test and it is positive.

We also offer face-to-face appointments by Teams which may be suitable if you can’t travel to our office and if you have access to a computer, Ipad type of device or smartphone.

If you have documents to return to us, please telephone prior to visiting our office. If your documents need to be signed, our staff will guide you when you arrive.

On arrival at our office please knock firmly on our front door and our staff will attend to you.

If you do need to enter the office we will take your temperature and ask you to use hand sanitiser and we would prefer you to wear a mask in our offices and can provide one for your use.

If a face-to-face appointment is arranged, please consider who needs to attend the appointment as we are trying  to limit the number of visitors to our offices. Please try to attend by yourself if possible.

If we need to take a payment from you please try to make payments by debit card rather than in cash. We can take payments via phone.

Home visits

We can make home visits for our clients who cannot travel to the office due to disability or infirmity.  Please check on availability of appointments by calling us on 0191 4555361.

There are no extra charges made for a home visit but we normally limit our visits to a 15-mile radius of our office.

If possible, face coverings should be worn during the house visit, but we accept that this may not always be possible due to medical conditions, sight, and hearing loss. It is sometimes difficult for our solicitors and staff to take instructions or give advice wearing a mask as the discussion must be heard clearly.

Sometimes, we require two members of our staff to visit your home, as a witness to signatures may be required.

  • Please let us know if someone in your household/premises is unwell or is self-isolating and/or shielding prior to our visit.
  • Please sanitise your hands prior to our visit.
  • Please arrange to maintain a distance of 2 meters throughout our visit to your home and ensure internal doors are open. If it is possible to open a window please do so, but this may not be possible during cold or wet weather.
  • We accept payments by debit card, and you can call us during our normal office hours to make payment rather than paying in cash at the time of the visit.

Residential care home and hospital visits

If we need to visit a residential care home or hospital for an appointment, we will follow the guidelines advised by the home or hospital.

Staff making visits to care homes and hospitals have been double vaccinated/boosted.

The requirements and availability of lateral flow testing have changed but our staff recently, and if our staff feel unwell with the know signs and symptoms of Covid they will not attend a care home or hospital setting.

Children and Family

Children ServicesOur family and children services have been providing support for our clients throughout the pandemic.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need urgent help in a domestic abuse situation or if the Council has contacted regarding your children and their care.

We are taking appointments for initial advice for family matters, where possible these appointments will be conducted by telephone, and our staff will advise you if a face-to-face appointment is necessary.

For help or more information please call 01019 4555361 or email:

The Courts are re-opening for Hearings, but some Court Hearings are still facilitated by phone or video conferencing. In some circumstances the Courts have resumed face-to-face Hearings which will take place in the Court buildings. Guidance should be followed on attending the Hearing.


Conveyancing was disrupted since March 2020. We became especially busy when the ‘stamp-duty-holiday’ scheme was in place,  but everyone involved in the processes of buying or selling properties are now all working as normally as possible now.

Please remember that buying and selling a house may take longer because Covid is still around and it may affect the length of time taken to return searches, conduct surveys or book someone to help you to move.

Some bank staff are still working from home and some estate agents are still limiting visitors to their offices.

As we can not meet all our clients face-to-face we will explain to you how we conduct the identity and sources of funds checks at the beginning of your transaction. You may need to complete your checks using ThirdFort. there is more information about ThirdFort here.

All stamp duty arrangements reverted to normal on 1st October 2021. Please contact us if you have any stamp duty payment queries.

We offer a service to assist you to reclaim a stamp duty refund if your circumstances allow it.

How to move safely during COVID-19 – read the guidance here

For further guidance or a quote please call 01019 4555361 or email: or complete the quote request form  here


Please give us a call if you need a new Will or if your existing Will needs to be amended.

It is especially important to have a Will if you are living with your Partner but not married. If you are married and do not have a Will it is usual for the surviving spouse to inherit, but where there is no marriage the law regarding inheritance is not beneficial to the remaining partner unless there is a Will in place.

For a Will to be valid it has to be signed by the person making the Will and a further two other persons who sign to attest that they have witnessed the person making the Will sign the document. The witnesses cannot be beneficiaries of the Will and must sign their signatures at the same time that the person making the Will signs their signature.

When you call us, we will explain how we manage the process to ensure that a valid Will is produced for you

Please call 01019 4555361 or email:

Ways to contact us

The best way to contact us presently is by email or by phone: 0191 4974630 or 0191 4555361

  • If your children’s well-being and care is being reviewed by the Local Authority, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • If you have any issues relating to domestic violence, please don’t hesitate to contact us. There is more information here
  • If you require a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney, please phone our office and we will advise on the procedure for making a Will
  • If there has been a death in your family and you require assistance, we can support  and advise you.
  • Our conveyancing staff are ready to help you if your are selling or purchasing property
  • Out of office hours please email

Government advice

We would urge everyone to follow Government advice –


Our present working hours are: 9am – 5 pm and we can be contacted on 0191 4555361. 

Any call received on Saturday, Sunday or during a Bank Holiday will be returned on the next working day.

We do not offer criminal defence services  – please call a firm that deals with criminal defence if you need help in that respect.

When our office is closed it is best to email us:

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