Cohabitation Agreements & Wills for unmarried couples

18th March 2019

Unmarried cohabiting couples are the fastest growing type of family in the UK, but unmarried couples have fewer legal rights than married couples.

Many couples who don’t wish to marry are now seeking Cohabitation Agreements to resolve the legal issues.

Cohabitation Agreements can cover:

  • How finances are shared whilst living together – how rent, mortgage and household bills are shared
  • What would happen with joint bank accounts and pensions in the event of death or the relationship ending
  • What happens to assets owned before or bought while living together
  • Arrangements for children
  • Arrangements for pets
  • Next of kin rights
  • Drawing up a valid Will to insure the remaining person inherits from the other if one dies. This could be particularly important for those who are still married to a previous partner but now live with someone else.

We can help draft a cohabitation agreement but for the cohabitation agreement to be valid :

  • Both parties need to enter into it freely and voluntarily
  • The agreement needs to be in the form of a deed
  • Each person needs to sign it
  • It needs to be kept up to date for major life changes

For a Will we can draw up mirror Wills or individual Wills depending on the circumstances of the cohabiting couple. At the very least a cohabiting couple, especially where there are children each need a valid Will.

Non-Romantic Cohabitation Agreements

People who are living together not as a couple may also want a cohabitation agreement and a Will drawing up, especially if they have bought a property together.


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