Appointments and seeing clients

13th May 2020

Appointments and seeing clients must be carried out safely.

At present until the Government advises that all offices and retail can return to normal working and that there is no threat of Covid-19 infection we still have to restrict the way we meet with clients.

Our Office Hours are currently 9am – 4pm and we have a limited number of staff working in our office who are observing social distancing measures as they are unable to work from home.

Some of our staff are working from home where possible and a small number of our staff have been furloughed.

We do not want to endanger the health of any of our staff or clients and we are proceeding cautiously along the path leading to normal working.

This week we have seen steps  to start to lift the lockdown restrictions and today the Government has announced that house moves can start again.

It is likely that these decisions will increase requests from clients for appointments.

If you feel it is necessary to make an appointment to see your fee earner we will adhere to the following (in no particular order of importance):

  • We will consider making an appointment if the reason is urgent for the appointment or cannot be avoided because of the clients legal issue.
  • That the client has not been exposed to Covid-19 and  if they have had Covid-19 that they are now all clear and no longer actively infectious.
  • That the client wears suitable face protection during the appointment ( to be provided by the client).
  • That the fee earner seeing the client wears a face mask (we have a limited supply of face masks for fee earners to wear during appointments).
  • That the client uses cleans their hands with anti-bac before the appointment starts (we have plenty of anti-bac available for client use).
  • That the fee earner agrees to the appointment and feels that it is safe to do so.
  • Only one client at a time is to be seen and no more than one client at a time is allowed into our offices  – i.e. only the person who we are dealing with is allowed into the office and not anyone else who accompanies them.
  •  and importantly that social distancing is safely maintained during the appointment.

If it is possible for the fee earner to see the client at their car ( in the open air) then we will do so as it is safer outside in the open air.

If you wish to drop off paperwork or have your ID checked please call our staff on 0191 4555361 who will advise how to do this safely.

If you have any queries about your matter or need to request an appointment please call us on 0191 4555361 or email :

If you need advice about moving house please check our advice: